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Diana Toma is an award winning Romanian visual artist currently teaching and creating in Atlanta, Georgia. Holding a Master Degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Romanian University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Diana is often invited to speak on behalf of the working artist on open panels, and to judge & jury art shows. Diana has been engaging with the art community since 1995 participating in numerous art projects, and showcasing her work in over ninety Group Exhibitions and Solo Art Shows. Diana currently teaches painting classes in the Atlanta area. Her teaching approach focuses on fast, free-flowing painting release, and creative un-blockage.

Extras: In 2015 she spoke at the The Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs and the The Contemporary Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Same year Diana became the grand prize winner of the Michaels Springtime in Paris, a national contest with over 11,000 submissions. In 2016 Diana won the 3rd place at The National Arts Program, and 2nd place at Roswell Fine Arts Alliance. In 2017 Diana won a few awards, most significant being 2nd place at GWS National.

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