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In this four session course students will build a rotating work table and armature from supplied materials. Air-dry clays, as well as underlayment materials like foam, wire, newsprint and paper maché, will be discussed and explored. Photographic reference will be supplied as a jumping off point for our final sculpture, but feel free to bring your own ideas to the table. Clay application and style will be discussed as students explore and expand their creative ideas with air-dry clay. This class is great if you are new to 3D work or if you are a seasoned sculptor who wants to try new materials and methods.

This course has a $25 material fee which will cover the armature and turntable for each student's sculpture. Additionally, students will need to purchase the items listed on the instructor on the supply list and bring them to class.

Please contact our office regarding availability of this course:

770.394.3447 x 0