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This session should particularly benefit those who are interested in creating armatures that help support their substrates and offer a way to attach them properly to a base indoor or outdoor and then will be covered Pal Tiya premium as a substrate for their mosaic or sculptural pieces.

Students are encouraged to bring drawings and questions about armatures to share with the group for Q&A first part. There will be a variety of materials from the hardware store at hand, to demonstrate how they work.

After the demos, each participant would create a PVC armature adding high density foam to create the form. Types of tools for shaping the form will be explained as well as techniques to make students' ideas a reality.

The instructions for all the steps would be given during the workshop and a handout would be provided with links to products and information about them.

Maria has been teaching sculpture for more than 20 years at all age group levels. As a studio owner, Maria is always trying to make the most efficient armatures to use with Pal Tiya. This product reduces her building time production with the strength of concrete, the flexibility of clay and she can't wait to share these with the students.
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