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KimMcGill Stuart
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"I am moved with what my situation is at the I feel good, am I feeling pain, am I soothed, am I stressed, is my future unknown. I find myself lost in the multiple layers of found objects, textures, strokes, marks, splotches and scratches. The nature of my obsession frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accident and grace to influence the finished product." ---k

Having always been interested in the melding of artistic disciplines, Kim McGill Stuart honed her skills by pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Art in printmaking and computer design at the University of West Florida. As an adjunct professor she enjoyed teaching artists how to communicate through electronic media. Always willing and able to marry modern science and technology with her creativity, Kim was able to utilize decades of graphic design skills and apply it to her own business as a web developer and web strategist consultant.

She's recently decided to dive back into the world of art and teaching. Her pseudonym, WuKoolButter, was so derived by Kim's encaustic and oil mixing process, as playing with torch wax often reminded Kim of how butter is smeared onto a piece of warm toast. Said butter often solidifies on the toast, becoming an altogether different creation although somehow, hauntingly the same.

Kim began blending encaustic wax, oil paint and blow torch to bring swirling visions of textures and color to life. Though relatively new to the encaustic waxing painting method, Kim feels she has truly found her calling.

The works are multidimensional pieces that serve to both enhance their surroundings and intrigue the viewer with colors and shades. Her more extensive background in assemblage and collage is what drew Kim to experimenting with encaustic wax and that hallmark is seen throughout the collection as well.

"I feel that any art medium has the power to be a catalyst for grand explorations that can propel us forward to new ideas and experiences. My current expression exploration of choice is creating with the waxy goodness of encaustic wax."

Every artist has a voice and for Kim McGill Stuart, that voice is raised via a torch, encaustic wax and a swath of oil upon the canvas.

Encaustic Painting Encaustic Painting Encaustic Painting