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Brad Twilley
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Brad Twilley is from Mobile, AL. He currently resides in Marietta, GA. His paintings reflect a focus on landscapes, seascapes and architecture, along with still life. At the age of thirteen Brad discovered he had an interest in art and began to paint under the tutelage of Nolen Schmidt.

Through his upbringing along the Alabama Gulf Coast and travels throughout the Southeast, he developed an appreciation for the natural settings and local architecture. He also found inspiration in the works of other landscape artists including Jessica Henry, Jerrod Partridge, Diane Millsap, Stefan Baumann and John Carlson. Brad has been fortunate to have continued his education under the personal instruction of Stefan Baumann.

Being an artist he had to learn very quickly how to manage money. He started helping friends with their finances; noticed a demand and started personal financial coaching.

Brad's on-line portfolio site:

Photo of Brad's Plein Air Painting at night

Photo of Brad's Plein Air Painting during the day