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Lisa Hermann and Uma Sashti, owners of My Cool World LLC, have been creating global art lessons for the past 10 years for elementary-aged students with the goal of promoting global competency, open-mindedness, kindness, and an appreciation for diversity by providing authentic art projects and engaging cultural lessons. As our countries become increasingly interconnected, learning to respect the integrities of worldwide cultures has emerged as an essential component of educating well-rounded, successful students. Travel is the best way to open children's eyes to different ways of living. However, many students may never have the opportunity to visit a foreign country.

Lisa and Uma's flagship enrichment program, International Travelers, has been implemented locally in Atlanta Public Schools and at various institutions around the country. It has been a joy and honor for them to teach students about their world and to watch them create beautiful art! Kids have a whole lot of fun learning about their world, and they think this is pretty cool.