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Spruill Arts Instructor Information

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Lauren Adams Painting, Mixed Media Courses Bio
Vincent Allen Drawing (Comic Book & Manga) Courses Bio
Chery Baird Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media Courses Bio
Thomas Beard Jewelry & Metalsmithing Courses Bio
Carol Brull Ceramics (Handbuilding, Raku) Courses Bio
Deb Calabria Studio Arts Camp - Ages 11-14 Courses Bio
Chris Campbell Ceramics Courses Bio
Ann Clancy Photography Courses Bio
Joel Conison Photography Courses Bio
Grace Cox Children's Art Courses Bio
Bryanne Dade Painting, Drawing, and Kids Art Courses Bio
Onnameaga Daniel Studio Arts Camp - Ages 11-14 Courses Bio
Margaret Dyer Drawing and Painting (Pastels, Oils) Courses Bio
Pam East Metal Clay Courses Bio
Jeanne Flint Artist Support Courses Bio
Julie Glasser Jewelry (Beadweaving) Courses Bio
Amy Gresens Jewelry Courses Bio
John Gresens Ceramics Courses Bio
Estelle Hart Painting Courses Bio
Joanne Hernandez Jewelry & Metalsmithing Courses Bio
Nancy Honea Drawing and Painting Courses Bio
John Horne Drawing Courses Bio
Ken Horvath Ceramics (Wheel) Courses Bio
Julie Keepers Ceramics (Wheel), Basketry Courses Bio
Thomas Key Drawing Courses Bio
Debra Kidd Fiber Arts (Felting) Courses Bio
Margo Knight Glass (Beadmaking) Courses Bio
Mage Loizaga Ceramics (Wheel) Courses Bio
Lori Lubin Studio Arts Camp - Ages 11-14 Courses Bio
Heather Meyers Studio Arts Camp - Ages 11-14 Courses Bio
Mat Munson Studio Arts Camp - Ages 11-14 Courses Bio
Stacy Nathan Jewelry & Metalsmithing Courses Bio
Rochelle Nation Jewelry Courses Bio
Gail Novak Painting (Watercolor) Courses Bio
Marian O Shaughnessy Painting (Watercolor) Courses Bio
Vicki Paulet Ceramics (wheel, handbuilding) Courses Bio
Anne Rambo Decorative Arts, Stained Glass Courses Bio
Kelly Robertson Glassblowing Courses Bio
Lora Rust Ceramics Courses Bio
Maria Sarmiento Courses Bio
Susan Saul Jewelry Courses Bio
Janice Schmidt Mosaics Courses Bio
Janet Schneider Ceramics (Wheel, Handbuilding) Courses Bio
John Scroggin Blacksmithing/Welding Courses Bio
David Shelton Ceramics Courses Bio
Theresa St.Romain Jewelry & Metalsmithing Courses Bio
Anita Stewart Studio Arts Camp - Ages 11-14 Courses Bio
Kim McGill Stuart Encaustic Painting Courses Bio
SCA Summer Camp Staff Summer Camps & Children's Art Courses Bio
Kelly Thames Glass Art Courses Bio
Diana Toma Painting (Watercolor and Acrylic) Courses Bio
Laura VandeWiele Children's Art Courses Bio
Kathy Walton Metal Sculpture, Decorative Arts Courses Bio
Sharon Weiss Drawing, Painting Courses Bio
Kristin Wilder Jewelry Courses Bio
Regina Wolff Ceramics Courses Bio
Jan Wutkowski Fiber Arts (Millinery) Courses Bio
Valentin Yotkov Metalsmithing Courses Bio
Linn Zamora Studio Arts Camp - Ages 11-14 Courses Bio